Custom wording 'Round' mirror kit

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Make your own custom engraved word or name mirror kit. Choose your wording & acrylic colours, the design will be drawn up for you and cut, all you have to do is assemble.

Our mirrors also make a great gift assembled or un assembled for the crafty person in your life!

The kit includes...

- Custom engraved backing piece & front frame, measuring 7cm at the widest point.

- Mirror insert.

- Gold colour clasp.

- Gold colour jump ring.

If choosing one of our more translucent colours such as fluorescent, frosted or rainbow iridescent, these are slightly see through and you may see the glue through the layers so other finishes may be better.

Assembly of the layers can be achieved either by using super glue or E-6000. Personally we prefer super glue as it is very fast setting, however you have to use very sparingly as it cannot be cleaned off if it gets on the other pieces of acrylic and cannot be re positioned once the acrylic is laid down.

Opening jump rings can be easily done with pairs of pliers or pliers and fingers, by grasping the jump ring with the split at the top and twisting the ring to open, and then twisting back to close it.

Full words can be engraved onto the mirror. Do bear in mind, the more letters used, the smaller they will be engraved to accommodate them.

* * * IMPORTANT * * *
Please ensure all spellings are correct, including capital letters where necessary such as the begining of names or sentences etc as these will be copied directly from your order.

Colour of text is determined by the acrylic colour chosen, to complement the tag. This will be white or black.